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Paul Renner



“The goal of all design is to make a whole from the variety.”


Paul Renner, like Jan Tschichold , wanted types that suited the modern age instead of being revivals from an earlier one. In this, his views were similar to those of the Bauhaus movement, whose ideals he shared and influenced without ever being a member.

He established the Meisterschule Für Deutschlands Buchdrucher (Advanced School of German Book-printing) in Munich and recruited fellow type designers Georg Trump and Jan Tschichold to teach there. Tschichold was removed from his post and interned by the Nazis for 'subversive typography' in 1933. Renner himself was dismissed under similar circumstances that same year.

His best-known typeface, Futura, is the archetypal geometric sans serif. The original design had a lower-case of experimental characters but these were all abandoned before its release by Bauer in 1927. It has proved the most popular if its type, eclipsing the earlier Erbar, and still retains its popularity today.¹