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Bauer Type Foundry



Linotype carries on a 120 year old heritage. Famous names like Linotype-Hell AG, D. Stempel AG, Haas'sche Schriftgießerei and Deberny & Peignot are the roots of Linotype. Ottmar Mergenthaler made his mark in history as the inventor of the type setting machine. Mergenthaler's breakthrough soon became known as the Linotype. Quickly adopted by major newspapers around the world, the Linotype initiated a new freedom in the creation of everything from newspapers to books, from advertisements to a wide range of literature. With this invention Ottmar Mergenthaler could indeed be called the founder of the later Linotype group of companies.¹

By the end of the century, after a misjudgement that automation would be in typefounding, rather than typesetting, the Bauer Type Foundry would have collapsed were it not for the commencement of an adventurous type design program under its new owner George Hartmann.²